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Product and Consumer Safety

Product safety and consumer-safe products are of highest importance to adidas.

Product safety is an imperative. As a company we have to manage the risk of selling defective products that may result in injury to consumers and/or impair our image. To mitigate this risk, we have company-wide product safety policies in place that ensure we consistently apply physical, chemical product safety and conformity standards across all brands of the company. To ensure product quality and consumer-safe products, all materials and product samples have to pass a rigid compliance process and are tested in accordance with standardised material and product testing specifications and procedures. 

Dedicated teams monitor the quality of our products on all levels of the supply chain through rigorous testing prior to production, close cooperation with suppliers throughout the manufacturing process, random testing after retail delivery, open communication about defective products and quick settlement of product liability claims when necessary.

Besides ensuring safe and environmentally sound products within our core product ranges, we constantly monitor and educate branded product areas that may have special risk profiles. These areas range from promotional items with bioactive textiles (ones that can interact with living organisms) to personal protective equipment, electronic devices and children’s and babies’ clothing.

We constantly track legal developments in the area of product safety and, where necessary, update our policies and manuals, as we have done in the area of children’s clothing.